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Out of this Spark (OOTS) is an independent record label based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.OOTS is an artist-focused label that works to release fun, exciting and innovative music. Our focus is facilitating the distribution of music to the masses for musicians in a participatory fashion. We don’t believe in the right of ownership of other people’s art, thus all OOTS artists will always control their own publishing rights. We believe strongly in the power of grassroots methods of art and music distribution. OOTS strives to deconstruct and be an alternative to the flawed methods and structures of the corporate music industry. OOTS believes in the power of music and art to affect social and political change. Out of this Spark focuses on supporting independent music in our community, releasing records of artists from Toronto and the surrounding area.We work to support other independent records labels, bands and projects because we believe a healthy independent music scene benefits all.Out of this Spark was started in the Fall of 2006. Our first release was the Friends in Bellwoods compilation, which was a benefit for the Daily Bread Food bank.We want Out of this Spark to exist as a system that helps musicians get their recordings into the hands of as many people as possible while allowing musicians to participate and direct that process as much as possible.At this time we are not accepting submissions for new releases. We are purposely taking things very slow with the label to ensure stability and long-term sustainability and are focusing on releasing the music of our peers and people within our current music community.


The Meek
Forest City Lovers
The D’Urbervilles
Jenny Omnichord
Timber Timbre
Evening Hymns


The Meek-Songs That Travel in Waves
OOTS 011 – 2012-10-01

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Tasseomancy – Ulalume
OOTS 010 – 2011-08-30

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Snowblink – Long Live
OOTS 009 – 2011-02-15

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Forest City Lovers – Carriage
OOTS 008 – 2010-06-29

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Evening Hymns – Spirit Guides
OOTS 007 – 2009-11-03

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Friends in Bellwoods II
OOTS 006 – 2009-08-25

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Timber Timbre – Timber Timbre
OOTS 004 – 2009-01-13

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Jenny Omnichord – Charlotte or Otis
OOTS 005 – 2008-09-19

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Forest City Lovers – Haunting Moon Sinking
OOTS 003 – 2008-03-11

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The D’Urbervilles – We Are The Hunters
OOTS 002 – 2008-02-19

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Friends in Bellwoods – Friends in Bellwoods
OOTS 001 – 2007-01-11

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